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Second Opinion LIVE!
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All that health advice you got, is it myth or medicine?

We all grew up with our parents or grandparents giving us sage advice to keep us healthy…

“Reading in dim light will ruin your eyesight.”

“Don’t go in the pool until half an hour after you eat.”

“Don’t swallow your gum—it will stay in your body for seven years.”

“If you go outside with wet hair, you will catch a cold.”

Some of us hear ourselves repeating these bits of advice to the children in our lives. But have you ever stopped to really think if these commonly held beliefs that we grew up with, and are now handing down to the next generation, are actually true? Well, watch this episode of Second Opinion LIVE! to find out.  

Special host Evan Dawson will be joined by Second Opinion’s Chief Medical Adviser, Dr. Roger Oskvig, and Second Opinion Primary Care Physician Dr. Lou Papa to answer your questions.