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Second Opinion LIVE! Medical marijuanaCOMING UP ON JULY 18, 2014 AT 1PM EDT

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Medical Marijuana
Timothy E. Quill MD, FACP, FAAHPM
Georgia and Thomas Gosnell Distinguished Professor in Palliative Care
Professor of Medicine, Psychiatry and Medical Humanities
Palliative Care Division. Department of Medicine
University of Rochester School of Medicine

Few medical issues are as hotly debated right now as is the use of marijuana for medical purposes.  While only two states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, 21 states have legalized it for medical use.  Some doctors feel it is the right thing to do because it can help with the nausea experienced with chemo and can help with pain experienced with some chronic or terminal illnesses.  Other people in the medical field feel that there has not been enough research to prove its benefit over its risk, and see the legalization for medical use as a gateway to recreational use.  Where do you stand on the issue? 

Join the conversation at 1pm EDT on July 18, 2014. Call us at 1-844-295-TALK (8255) or tweet your question or comment to #2ndOp.

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