About Second Opinion with Joan Lunden

Joan LundenSecond Opinion with Joan Lunden is a national health initiative that reaches an engaged audience through television, web, social media, and community and national outreach. The series has been helping people become healthy, stay healthy, and navigate the healthcare system since its inception in 2004. Second Opinion with Joan Lunden uses the power and the mission of noncommercial public media to educate, promote good health, improve doctor/patient communication, and empower people to take charge of their own healthcare. Second Opinion with Joan Lunden focuses on health literacy in a way that is relevant and accessible to viewers and to physicians, in a format that engages and entertains. The program and related website and social media provide trusted health information on every platform, and the weekly television program engages viewers from across the United States as they watch doctors and patients talk through a variety of health issues from high blood pressure and cancer, to mental health and racial disparities in health.

Joan speaks with Executive Producer Fiona Willis about the making of Second Opinion.

Seen on public television stations across the country, the goal of Second Opinion is to promote good health, improve doctor/patient communication and empower viewers to take charge of their own healthcare, and in turn, help them navigate the medical system for better health outcomes.

Using intriguing, real-life medical cases, the specialists grapple with diagnosis and treatment options to give viewers the most up-to-date, accurate medical information.

Relevant and accessible to both patients and physicians, Second Opinion can be found everywhere you are—on-air, on-line on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on demand on YouTube. No matter what your health concerns are, you can find information on Second Opinion.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is the proud sponsor of Second Opinion.

Second Opinion is produced by WXXI Public Broadcasting and is Distributed by American Public Television.

Second Opinion with Joan Lunden made possible by a dedicated production staff filming at WXXI Public Broadcasting in Rochester NY.  We would take a moment to recognize all the people who make this show possible.

Thank You to all the people who make Second Opinion with Joan Lunden possible.

Executive Producer  |  Fiona Kay Willis

Host  |  Joan Lunden

Senior Producer  |  Karen Heller

 Director / Production Manager  |  Kristopher Nestle

 Technical Director / Post-Production Supervisor / Editor   |  Christopher Golding

 Chief Medical Advisor   |  Roger M. Oskvig, MD

Medical Advisors   |  Michael Apostolakos, MD   &    Catherine Yee, MD

Floor Manager  |  Katie Epner

Cameras   |  Mark Czelusniak,  Martin Kaufman,  Jason Milton, & Rhys Whitmore

Prompter   |  Miles Young

Audio Engineer   |  Andrew Croucher

Audio Technician  |  Robert Braden

Video Engineer  |  Russell Roby

Recording Manager  |  Marti Meehan

Archive Manager  |  Mikhail A. Gershteyn

Chief Engineer  |  Greg Carter

Director of Information Technology  |  Micah Nelson

Facilities Planner  |  Ruth Watson

Set Design & Construction  |  Glen Falls Studio

Hair and Makeup  |  Emir Pehilj

Assistant to Joan Lunden  |  Nicole Scaramuzzo

Assistant to the Producers  |  Emma Bertolone

Master Control Monitors during the filming of Second Opinion


University of Rochester Medical Center Communications, Marketing & Public Relations Departments

The Larry Kohn Journal Club

For WXXI Public Broadcasting Council

President & CEO | Norm Silverstein

Executive Vice President & General Manager | Susan Rogers

Vice President of Television | Todd McCammon

Vice President of Technology & Operations | David Lot

Business Affairs | Lancelot Thomas, CPA

Social Media | Thomas Dooley & Karen Heller

Director of Creative Services | Jon Haliniak

Creative Services | Kevin Indovino & Kristin Tutino

Joan Lunden on the set of Second Opinion Filming