Second Opinion with Joan Lunden

Seen on public television stations across the country, the goal of Second Opinion with Joan Lunden, is to promote good health, improve doctor/patient communication and empower viewers to take charge of their own healthcare, and in turn, help them navigate the medical system for better health outcomes.

New Host Joan Lunden

Second Opinion is proud to announce Joan Lunden as the new host.  

Joan Lunden

Second Opinion Welcomes Joan Lunden

Second Opinion with Joan Lunden is a national health initiative that reaches an engaged audience through television, web, social media, and community and national outreach. The series has been helping people become healthy, stay healthy, and navigate the healthcare system since its inception in 2004. Second Opinion with Joan Lunden uses the power and the mission of noncommercial public media to educate, promote good health, improve doctor/patient communication, and empower people to take charge of their own healthcare. Second Opinion with Joan Lunden focuses on health literacy in a way that is relevant and accessible to viewers and to physicians, in a format that engages and entertains. The program and related website and social media provide trusted health information on every platform, and the weekly television program engages viewers from across the United States as they watch doctors and patients talk through a variety of health issues from high blood pressure and cancer, to mental health and racial disparities in health.


Joan speaks with Executive Producer Fiona Willis about the making of Second Opinion with Joan Lunden.

Louis J. Papa M.D., FACP

Louis J. Papa M.D., FACP is a primary care physician and has been a popular regular panelist with the series since the beginning.


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Millennials were born between the years 1981 and 1996. At 73 million, they are the largest generation ever. They are also the least healthy and they are experiencing declining health faster than any other recent generation before them.

How their health plays out in the years ahead will determine the overall health of America.
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Join me at 1 p.m. for a conversation with one of the preeminent experts on nutrition - Dr. T. Colin Campbell of the T.

Dr. Campbell has been dedicated to the science of human health for more than 60 years, with his primary focus on the association between diet and disease - particularly cancer. Dr. Campbell co-wrote The, which has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide
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Don.t obsess about protein. Just get enough calories.

I plan to do the plant based course.

Joan, read and have your son read Mastering Diabetes by Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta, PhD. THey are both type 1 diabetics. Also, another good read is Fiber Fueled.

Hi Joan from North Dakota. Love these podcasts.


Well, if you are a believer in God, then you know that the Bible said God gave us animals for food. If you are not a believer and think that man is just an evolved animal, then you accept that animals eat animals.

The future of nutition?

This was great!

Thank you so much! This was the first time I watched,.it was great!

This might not be an answerable question, but what will it take for US health policy to be consistent with what we know to be true about whole foods plant based eating? It's baffling that we ignore nutrition as an important part of health!

Yeah. I was addicted to potato chips and pastries.

People are consuming more sugar also. I think it is due to high fructose corn syrup becoming widely available.

There are so many "meat alternative" products in the stores now, and they are convenient. However, I am not sure about all the ingredients, such as one I see alot, called pea or soy protein isolate. Are these products healthy?

I have uti issues after total hystertomy and omenectomy and nothing much is helping. Does anything dietary help with this? I did cranberry juice unsweetened and eat wfpb.

When the public stops purchasing the animal products, it becomes non profitable. So public education is key.

Yay! Dr Campbell watched my episode! Conquering Obesity! Currently reading this!

Ask him about fat consumption also. Despite the recommendations on heart disease, fat consumption continues to increase.

Listening in Trinidad and Tobago.

When the public stops purchases

When the pu

Yeah i get out of breath if i read all the ingredients on bags of bread.

Dr. Campbell is a smart diplomat! 👍

Hi from Australia!

Eat fish, meat, eggs, etc and no worries. Vegans might have deficiencies but not those who eat balanced diets.

Hello from Fitchburg, MA!! Good to see you live again!!

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Second Opinion with Joan Lunden uses the power and the mission of noncommercial public media to educate, promote good health, improve doctor/patient communication, and empower people to take charge of their own healthcare.


Dashauna Ballard rarely gets sick, but in the Spring of 2019 she went from a healthy young woman to being hospitalized with COVID19. What did she learn from that experience and why is public information so important?