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Annie Lloyd

Social Justice Activist

Annie/Yakuzan Loyd, founder of the Fusion Foundation and Blue Fire Abbey is an accomplished holistic body, mind, spirit, health & wellness facilitator, lecturer, author, and keynote speaker. Annie/Yakuzan shares her experience, strength and hard found joy specializing in recovery including trauma, grief, shame, guilt, addiction, and her current focus is on creating a culture of recovery. Annie/Yakuzan is Yamabushi (one who woke up on the mountain with medicine) – a community Shaman. Her life experience of working as a ‘social architect’ in health and wellness, public policy, communities of conflict and social change through private and philanthropic engagement, and entrepreneurship has provided a vast understanding of best practices for addressing individual, community, state, national and global challenges. Annie’s experience with emergence and community asset identification, development and capacity building, provides for deep effective and sustained collaboration. For more than 30 years, “building & healing” have been the activities that best describes Annie Bachand-Loyd. She sees things from a unique perspective, initiating coalitions and creating opportunities for collaboration through building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. As a lifelong health and wellness practitioner, she seeks to support her clients finding a new perspective of living a different life- free from the chains of chronic pain and dis-ease.