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Kyra Mills

I grew up in Avon, NY and enjoyed all the joys that come with a small town. After high school I decided to pursue a career in emergency medical services.  I became a professional paramedic in 2000. I felt this was truly my calling and enjoyed the 16 years I worked in an office on wheels.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35 and had to make some major changes. I retired from my beloved career and took an office job for a bit.  I’m now in my junior year at St John Fisher College for my bachelor of science in nursing. Sometimes reinventing yourself is the best medicine.

During my scant off time you can find me thoroughly enjoying the company of my beautiful and kind 12 year old daughter, Camryn and my boyfriend, Mark. We live in a wonderful neighborhood in West Irondequoit, which is located in Rochester, NY.  I love to vacation in the sun and surround myself with awesome people.

That’s what life’s really about, finding joy in the everyday and taking care of one another. It’s what I strive to do.