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Roger M. Oskvig, MD

Professor of Medicine, Geriatrician
University of Rochester Medical Center

As medical producer of Second Opinion, Dr. Oskvig identifies and researches every case presented on the series. Additionally, he provides educational content and medical oversight to the producers. He assists in booking panelists, reviews scripts, and provides input from the control room during the recording of the episodes. He advises panelists on what to expect during the tapings, helps producers with briefings, and provides medical expertise for every aspect of the show.

Dr. Oskvig is an acknowledged leader in Gerontology and associate professor of medicine at University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). He has been an attending physician for URMC since 1989, the medical director of URMC’s Alternate Level Care Unit since 1993, and the medical director of URMC’s Medical Staff Office since 2001. He is a member on the Monroe Country Medical Society Board of Directors and an officer of the Larry Kohn Journal Club. Dr. Oskvig resides in Pittsford, New York with his wife Melissa.