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Thea Chassin

Founder & CEO
Bald Girls Do Lunch

Thea Chassin is the founder, CEO, passionate voice, guiding spirit and educator of Bald Girls Do Lunch®. Bald since 1997, she is the first to acknowledge that an alopecia areata diagnosis takes a toll and offers a reserved seat on an emotional roller coaster. She believes that no person with this condition should feel alone. Her reason for creating Bald Girls Do Lunch®? Secrecy and isolation are debilitating. “Alopecia areata changes lives. The Bald Girls Do Lunch® sisterhood changes lives for good.” When not offering women a full menu of choices about how to live well with alopecia areata, you’ll find Thea propagating jade plants, reading about the U.S. Intelligence Agencies or planning her next visit to Kyoto.